Safety is Universal

Universal Helicopters embraces Safety in all facets of our operation. The Universal Safety Management System (SMS) complies with United Nations, ICAO Annex 19, Civil Aviation Authority requirements for an Operator, an industry leading undertaking in Canada. This standard of SMS far exceeds Transport Canada requirements, facilitates international compliance and fosters the ability to undertake foreign contracts.

Universal Management understands that any policy, procedure, or regulation is inherently imperfect, and in need of continuous evaluation and improvement. At all levels of the company, we are actively reducing risk to as low as reasonably practicable, on a continuous cycle, ensuring decisions are based on real-world company and industry focused evidence. The core management system of Universal embraces and, indeed, centers around safety. This approach, in our view, is the most effective way to fulfill the expectations of the Four Pillars of SMS: Policies, Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Promotion.


The Universal SMS measures risk, processes, and the success and/or failures of change. For us managing safely isn’t just a business process, or a system piggy-backed on "normal" operations, it’s a different way of doing business.

A key piece of governance for a successful SMS is a Safety Policy, owned by the Accountable Executive, implemented and enforced by all levels of management and clear to all staff.


A just culture, unshakable in practice, is fundamental to a successful non-punitive reporting system. The security to report, and affect, the company and its operations, with impunity fosters a positive and ever-improving safety culture.


Universal consults with leaders in Aviation Human Factors for training. refinement of critical policy, and guidance materials related to safety management. No policy is ever settled in a truly vibrant SMS.

Universal is Safety