Universal Helicopters Holdings LP (UHH) is the largest indigenous owned helicopter company in Canada. It now owns and operates Universal Helicopters Newfoundland and Labrador LP (UHNL), Lakelse Air LTD (Lakelse), and 49% of South Coast Helicopters (SCH). UHH Limited Partnership is formed by Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (“NGC”), Tasiujatsoak Trust and CAPE Fund. The UHH corporate office is situated in St. John’s, Newfoundland. UHH and its subsidiaries employs over 100 people, increasing during the summer months.   

Universal Helicopters commenced operation in 1963 making it one of the oldest and most experienced specialty helicopter operators in Canada. In 2013, the company was purchased by the current ownership group and Universal Helicopters Newfoundland and Labrador LP (UHNL) was formed. Headquartered in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, UHNL has been providing specialty helicopter services to a wide range of clients for over 55 years. Many employees of UHNL have been with the company in excess of 20 years. The facility in Goose Bay has become the prime maintenance facility for UHNL providing running maintenance, major airframe and component overhauls and inspections for in-house requirements and third-party clients. Supporting bases are located throughout Newfoundland in St. John’s, Gander and Pasadena with an additional base opened in Enid, Oklahoma in 2018 to support UHNL’s NAFTA operations.   


During September 2018, UHH acquired Lakelse Air adding 12 aircraft to the fleet. Lakelse Air’s long-standing safety record made the acquisition a perfect complement to UHH’s brand. The Head Office for Lakelse is located in Terrace, BC with additional bases positioned in Prince Rupert and Dease Lake. Lakelse has been in business for over 21 years with a focus on supporting mineral exploration and fire suppression.

Furthermore in the Fall of 2018 UHH made a 49% investment in South Coast Helicopters (SCH). SCH is based in Fullerton, California and operates 5 aircraft in the United States. 

The UHH Executive and management teams have valuable managerial and field experience in all facets of the helicopter industry with a wealth of experience in mineral exploration, search and rescue, fire suppression, aerial construction, onshore oil and gas exploration, seismic, tourism, and film work.


UHH has been operating helicopters for a half century in extreme and challenging conditions. Subsequently, all of our pilots have extensive local area knowledge and experience operating in maritime, remote and mountainous environments, as well as being conversant with long line slinging, mineral exploration support and wildlife research and management.


As an innovative company UHH was one of the first operators in the world to incorporate the Bell 407. We also participated in the research and development of an early version of Satellite Flight Following system. We are currently a test company for a new electronic flight information reporting system which can integrate with various departments within the company.